About Us

The National Muslim Law Students Association is a newly formed organization. Previously, the National Muslim Law Students Conference held three annual conferences for Muslim law students around the country. Last years conference was hosted by the Georgetown Muslim Law Students Association and students around the country. There were approximately 200 attendees including students from 65 law schools across the United States. There were 60 speakers and networking attorneys included elected politicians, federal judges, presidential campaign managers, public defenders, and academics alike.

Starting in Fall 2021, the National Muslim Law Students Association partnered with the National Association of Muslim Lawyers to ensure that the longevity of the organization. The inaugural board is focusing on our governing documents, ensuring we have a complete list of Muslim Law Students Associations around the country, ensuring that law schools are accommodating students during Ramadan/Eid, and working on hosting our annual conference, which will be taking place virtually on March 25th–27th, 2022.

Thank you so much for joining us as we continue to establish a national community, network, and support system for Muslim law students to grow alongside one another.