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Taking SPACE as Muslim Lawyers: Program

Friday,  March 26th, 2022

Day 1: Charting the Course

5:30–5:45pm (EST)

Opening & Welcome

Speakers: Sara Hubaishi, Sara Tariq and Asad Rahman


5:45–6:15pm (EST)

Khatirah by Chaplain Abdul-Malik Ryan

Moderated by Sara Hubaishi

6:25–6:45pm (EST)

Introduction to NMLSA

Speakers: NMLSA Board

Description: Learn more about the National Muslim Law Students Association, the initiatives, and the future of the organization.

Moderated by Sara Hubaishi

6:25–7:15pm (EST)

Pre-Law 101

Speakers: Mohamed Asker, Shajuti Hossain (Islamic Scholarship Fund), Sanaa Khan (A Continuous Charity)

Description: Interested in going to Law School? Find out what it’s all about from current law students, including advice regarding the LSATs, how to prepare for law school, and how the experience of law school likely differs from anything you have done before. Come and learn about the infamous curve, the importance of support systems, and resources that can help to get here!

Moderated by Heba Qazi

7:20–8:00pm (EST)

Real Talk: What I wish I knew as a Law Student

Speakers: Jana Al-Akhras, Aymen Aboushi (MuBANY), Hanna Chandoo

Description: This session will consist of a candid conversation between the panelists about things they wish they knew in law school. It will cover everything from how to network, how to study for exams, the skills we’ve had to develop in law school, and more. Perfect for first-generation students or anyone who wants a sneak-peek into law school!

Moderated by Zoya Alam

8:00–8:30pm (EST)

Pre-Law Mixer (Networking Session)

Description: Pre-law students will get the opportunity to network with law students and learn more about what it's really like to go to law school.

Moderated by Farooq Chaudhry

Saturday, March 26th, 2022

Day 2: Discover the Cosmos

11:45am–12:00pm (EST)

Introduction & Thanking Sponsors

Speaker: Sara Hubaishi


PARALLEL SESSIONS - 12:00pm–1:10pm (EST)

A: Litigation: How to Not Compromise your Faith

Speakers: Adeel Bashir, Mohamed Al-Hendy

Description: In this session, panelists will discuss their experience as a litigator or prosecutor, including their career paths, their identity as Muslim lawyers, and more. If you have ever wondered if it was possible to practice this field of law while also ensuring that your actions don’t conflict with Islamic morals, come find out in this session!

Moderated by Nisa Sheikh


B: Islamic Law in the US

Speakers: Abed Awad, Rami Koujah, Ahmed Shaikh

Description: This session will be a primer for students to learn more on how Islamic traditions intersect with the U.S. legal system. Does Islamic Law have a place in the U.S.? In this discussion, speakers will touch on scholarship, wills, inheritance laws, marriage contracts, estate planning, and more!

Moderated by Humna Rub

1:15–1:55pm (EST)

Keynote Address by Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl

Moderated by Sara Tariq


1:55–2:05pm (EST)

Prayer Break


2:05–3:00pm (EST)

Networking Event with Attorneys and Lunch

3:00–4:00pm (EST)

Our Incarcerated Brothers and Sisters

Speakers: Bernard Freamon, Maha El-Kolalli, Marwa El-Bially

Description: This session will directly address Muslims who are currently or previously incarcerated and discuss the inequities that arise in their incarceration. It will discuss issues such as religious freedom, discrimination, and more. Specifically, we’ll discuss if Muslims have a responsibility towards our incarcerated brothers and sisters? If so, what can we do about campaigns in support of Freeing Imam Jamil, Afia Siddiqi and other wrongfully convicted Muslims? If you’d like to see how you can help moving forward, come and attend this session!

Moderated by Sara Tariq



A: Judicial Clerkships: Muslims in the Field

Speakers: The Honorable Zia Faruqui, The Honorable Mustafa Kasubhai, Adeel Mohammadi, Ida Abhari

Description: In this session, panelists will discuss their experience as a judge or as a clerk. Diversity in judgeships and judicial clerkships is important, and there are not many Muslim judges and clerks. Panelists will discuss the state of Muslim representation in state and federal judgeships, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing Muslim judges and clerks.

Moderated by Fatima Abdelsalaam


B: Women in Law

Speakers: Sehrish Siddiqui, Saleema Snow, Saba Alvi

Description: In this session, panelists will discuss their path and the specific challenges they may have faced due to their gender. This discussion will give insight into the realities of working in the legal field, how to handle challenges, and how we can promote an inclusive environment for all moving forward.

Moderated by Heba Qazi

5:10–5:25pm (EST)

Prayer Break


A: Big Law: Perspectives from Muslim Attorneys

Speakers: Leena El-Sadek, Brhan Ahmed

Description: In this session, panelists will speak to their experiences in Big Law, and describe what exactly being a Muslim corporate attorney entails. This session will cover the different type of work Big Law attorneys may be involved in and the benefits and challenges of being a Big Law attorney.

Moderated by Nisa Sheikh

B: Public Interest and Implementing Principles of Islam

Speakers: Zahra Billo, Rahmah Abdulaleem

Description: Join us for a panel on how the principles of Islam can be implemented in a career in public interest. Panelists will discuss their perspectives in Public Interest work and what their day-to-day experience entails. Speakers will also discuss how they balance hard, emotional work with their own self-care. Join us to learn and explore the different service opportunities available to you!

Moderated by Humna Rub

C: Alternate Jobs: Going the Non-Traditional Route

Speakers: Aisha U-kiu, Osama Shabaik

Description: This program will help give some insight on careers for individuals with a JD or LLM outside of practicing as a lawyer. Can you use your JD degree to secure a job outside of practicing as an attorney?

Moderated by Rifqa Falaneh

6:50–7:30pm (EST)

Prayer Break/Dinner Break


7:30–8:30pm (EST)

Law Student Networking Session

Moderated by NMLSA Board


Sunday, March 27th, 2022

Day 3: Beyond the Stars

11:45am–12:00pm (EST)

Introduction & Thanking Sponsors

Speaker: Sara Hubaishi

12:05pm–1:10pm (EST)

Civil Rights & Advocating for Marginalized Communities

Speakers: Asad Rahman, Edward Mitchell

Description: This will be a discussion surrounding civil rights and advocating for marginalized communities as Muslim lawyers. Specifically, in the realm of civil rights, how can law students and lawyers contribute to causes that are important both in their own communities and communities that are directly affected by laws in this country? Further, with so many important movements and causes, how can Muslim lawyers be movement lawyers?

Moderated by Mishkat Torania


1:10–1:50pm (EST)

Prayer Break/Lunch Break

1:55–3:00pm (EST)

What Does a Free Palestine Look Like?

Speakers: Tarek Khalil, Lamis JD

Description: In this session, panelists will discuss the role of the U.S. legal system in suppressing Palestinian liberation, such as anti-BDS bills. Speakers will also discuss how speaking about Palestine can often be a challenge, especially in law school. Join this session to see how you can incorporate anti-zionist work as a law student and attorney!

Moderated by Rifqa Falaneh

3:10–4:30pm (EST)

Networking Event with Attorneys

4:20–5:00pm (EST)

Closing Remarks

Speakers: NMLSA Board

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